Welcome to the Bookish Uche Review Policy page.

Blogging about books is what I do and I am  are sure you must be interested in having your work reviewed, which is why you are reading through the content on this page. Read on, then.

If you’re an (self-published) author or a book publisher who would like your book(s) to be reviewed on Bookish Uche, please read through the entire information below thoroughly to get a feel of how I work and if I’m the perfect review service for your work. All my reviews would be  published on this blog, Goodreads, Instagram and promoted via Twitter and Facebook.

Also I’m Available for book blog tours. 

NOTE: I do not review standalone short stories; if you would like your short stories reviewed, then they must be an anthology comprising of more than three stories.


Fiction genres that are preferred and read:

  • LGBTQ+
  • Literary Fiction
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Women’s Fiction
  • Young Adult
  • Mystery/Thrillers/Crimes

Nonfiction genres that are preferred and read

  • Memoirs
  • Essay Collection

Book Formats Accepted

Paperback/Hardback  &  EPub/Kindle (Mobi)/PDF format (under intense consideration)

Book Format Preferred

Paperback and Hard Cover.



First of all, you will have to make a book review request (the information needed is contained further down below on this page). Before a book is reviewed, it must be accepted for my book review service. In as much I would love to review a book, I do not accept all book review requests. If your work is rejected, you will however be notified. I do have a queue of books to review, and yours will be added to the queue if accepted. All reviews typically show up on the website within 72 hours of finishing the book (the reviews are done almost immediately after a work is read to ensure that the material remains fresh in mind).

For my honest review,you should expect both positive and negative opinions from me.

The site administrator will ensure that appropriate meta titles, meta tags, meta descriptions , hyperlinks to your book product pages on the stores where it is available, and relevant keywords are included to ensure high Search Engine ranking. This will ensure that your book is found in searches.

Authors/Publicists provide the below information when requesting a book review:

Email Subject – ‘Book Review Request’

Book Title and Genre

Blurb about your book: For synergy purposes, please let this be the blurb as it appears on the sales pages of your book on the shelves of the (e)retailers that sell it or as it appears on the back of the book.

Book format available: Epub (Digital) or Paperback (Physical copy).

I will ensure that you will receive a reply to your book review request within 74 hours from the time you sent the email.

NOTE: I accept review requests for both traditionally published and self-published books. ARCs & Finished Copies are also welcome and accepted for review.


The name of your book; the name of the author (with a hyperlink to your author bio page on Amazon Central or as supplied to us); name of publisher; book format; source; page count (if applicable); book blurb.

Then: SEO! All book pages and book review pages/blog posts are written with advanced SEO in mind, to ensure that your work gets easily indexed by search engines and ranks high on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). That includes Alt Text on images, using your book name and author name in SEO titles, a full SEO description of the work, etc. I pull out all the stops.

If I are going to review your book, I maintain full creative control and you give express written permission to have the content on the Bookish Uche website, and other means of distribution.


Once you know what you want, send an email to bookishuche@gmail.com for book review requests. Once I decide to review your book, you will be contacted with next steps.

Have loads of fun writing and I hope to hear from you regarding your work.


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